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Could a video enhance your company website?

If your business has a website, youll already find that it is an invaluable marketing tool, enabling you to effectively advertise your businesses products and services. Its important that websites remain fresh and appealing to consumers new and old, and an excellent way to do this is by incorporating videos.

Keep the consumer interested

A website design that is heavily loaded with lots of text can appear daunting to the consumer, they may speed read, or simply skip over the pages that dont allow them to easily identify what they are after.

A short informative video can be used to;

1. Introduce yourself and your business. Provide an insight into the business, and what you can do for the consumer.

2. Effectively advertise the products that you offer, as these can be included in the video.

3. Demonstrate the services that the business offers.

4. Provide examples of previous projects that the company has been involved with.

5. Run promotions and competitions.

6. Finish the video by suggesting that the consumer contacts you via your enquiry form, email or telephone for an informal chat/additional information (so remember to include this information!).

The right video

Making the right video requires planning. Think about the type of customer base you are aiming to reach, and how you can keep them engaged from start to finish.

Write down what youd like to include, be it your products, services or staff. It may take a couple of takes to get it right, but this could be the difference between making those new sales!

Look into the possibility of including willing customers to talk about how your business has helped them; you could focus on key employees, past projects or up and coming ventures.

A video is also an ideal means of getting your name out there. If you are including staff, its a good idea to get them wearing the company name and/or logo. If you have banners that advertise your business, consider having one in the background. Why not use your video as a business card?

Ensure that the customer watches the video until the end, and leaves with the knowledge of who you are, what you do, and more importantly the businesses name and contact information.

The technical bits!

Discuss your video ideas with the company that has designed your website. It is a proven fact that incorporating cleverly constructed videos increases the amount of traffic that is driven to your website, and by traffic I mean people, and people = a thriving business!

A web designer will advise you on key words to use in the title of the video, the type of content that you should be aiming for with a view to increasing the number of people that visit your website. With the use of keywords it can also boost your Google ranking, so when people are searching for information on a product/service that you offer you are first to appear on the page of results.

The benefits of online videos are endless, so what are you waiting for!

Is your business invisible without a website?

Is your business invisible?

Surprisingly many businesses, both small and large are passing up on the opportunity for virtually free, effective marketing for their business.

As a business owner, why would you ignore a powerful, widely accessible marketing tool?  A ‘tool’ that can be so simple, tailored to you and your business, allowing you to reach a wider customer base, to expand your reputation, the benefits are endless.

You may be reading this, and wondering what I am referring to….. Websites!

A Website is Important!

The right website can really help your business to develop.  With internet access in the home, workplace, cafes and on smartphones (to name a few) the majority of people will refer to the internet as a first port of call when researching products and/or services.  Gone are the days when we’d refer to our local printed telephone directory!  Why not try website design gloucestershire for a bespoke tailor made, mobile friendly website design!

A professionally designed website can showcase your business, and really give potential customers an insight into you, your business and what you have to offer.  Granted, someone reading your website may not always result in a sale, but it does guarantee that the individual at the other end is learning about your business, and this must be viewed as a positive.

Small businesses

Small businesses may believe that a website isn’t necessary, or that what the business offers doesn’t suit a website – wrong! A carefully thought out website can boost a business’s credibility, and all businesses need this whether they are large or small.

Your website can provide invaluable information to potential customers.  Provide the customer with background knowledge of the business, its achievements, and its customer service ethos.

If you don’t sell products, but offer services instead, treat the website as a display cabinet.  Include images, customer feedback; depict the results a potential customer can expect.

Include a section that gives clear directions, maps on how to reach your premises.  Ensure that your contact numbers, email addresses and opening times are all clear.  Give the customer the ability to gleam as much information as possible about your business whilst in the comfort of their own home (or café, car, workplace!).

New business v. Existing business

It is wrong to assume that your website will only benefit ‘new’ customers (which may be the main aim), when in fact your existing client base will also benefit too.

As well as advertising what your business offers to gain those new customers; use the website to keep existing customers up to date with new products, changes to services etc.

The benefits

Your website will be accessible to all 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This allows the customer to visit your site at a time convenient to them, to do all of their research, before they commit to those all important sales.

Online shops can be incorporated, allowing the customer to make purchases at any time.  Why not incorporate an enquiry form, so they can contact you as and when they are on the site.

A website for your business doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it will boost sales and business awareness allowing your company to grow and continue to thrive.  Find our more information on website design here.

The right website will ensure that you and your business are no longer invisible!

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